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About our Charity

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SOS Children’s Villages: About our charity

SOS Children’s Villages is a unique charity. Our aim is to ensure that children grow up in a caring family environment, and for over 60 years we have worked tirelessly to achieve this. As the years have passed, our ways of operating have changed and developed, adapting to the times and the needs of the children we support. Nevertheless, our central objective has remained steady: to work towards a world in which no child grows up alone.


Investing in local communities

Today, SOS Children’s Villages works closely with communities to ensure the best upbringing for all children. Our emphasis is very much on collaborating with local people with a deeper knowledge and understanding of their community. This way, we can target the support we offer to the actual needs of children and families, instead of delivering a one-size-fits-all model which neglects the realities of life in our communities.

Education for both parents and children, and healthcare for children in early life and beyond – these are key to ensure the long-term safety of families who might otherwise shatter under the financial pressures and emotional strains of living with nothing.


The path to success

Where local schools are failing communities, we build new ones. The very best facilities and staff ensure generations of children receive outstanding teaching for years to come. A good academic career is often the way out of generational poverty, and we guide all of our children from nursery to secondary-level education.

Young people have big ambitions, and we do all we can to make sure they can fulfil them! After school, we help youngsters realise their aspirations through the right vocational training and the right higher education courses. We offer scholarships to local colleges and universities, and in many locations we run our own learning centres to deliver the high standard of teaching that each child deserves. It is of paramount importance that every young person can pursue the path that is right for them.


The importance of a full stomach

A full stomach and a healthy diet is key to success in school. Hand in hand with our work in education is healthcare. Children cannot learn if they are undernourished or hungry, so we make sure they get the best diet and any supplements they may need to recover their well-being.

Conditions such as diarrhoea are common in children, and in the developed world are little more than an unpleasantness posing minimal long-term risk. In developing countries, however, these diseases kill. Treatment is necessary to ensure infants and children suffering from common complaints like this are adequately hydrated and have access to clean water.

We also provide care to families afflicted by conditions as potentially life-threatening as HIV/AIDS. Nowadays, HIV/AIDS need have minimal impact on a sufferer’s quality of life, but when left untreated, it can devastate whole communities.


When there’s nowhere else to turn

For those children who have no one else to turn to, we offer a new home and a loving family within an SOS children’s village. Our children’s villages are communities within a community, where children grow up together in their SOS Children’s Villages home but also share time, facilities and resources with children from the surrounding neighbourhood.

Our Villages often form bases for our wider community work, meaning that SOS children and local families come together in our social centres and nurseries to benefit from the cross-community work we do.


A lifelong commitment

We stay with SOS children until they are ready to take the leap into independent life. When young people feel ready to leave our care, we help them manage the transition with careful and targeted guidance to gradually introduce them to the challenges and pressures of adulthood.

Even after they leave, they forever remain a part of their SOS family. Many SOS children make frequent visits to see their SOS mother and discover a new generation of youngsters.


When disaster strikes…

When disaster strikes, SOS Children’s Villages delivers vital emergency relief to help communities recover from the terrible challenges they face during times of particular need.

After the devastating Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, SOS Children’s Villages was one of the first on the scene. We built three new Villages in Indonesia to accommodate children left alone by the tragedy. We also helped those affected by the terrible Pakistan floods of 2010/11 and are currently supporting over thousands of families forced from their homes by war in Syria.


Pride in our work

Our many key supporters around the world have expressed immense gratitude for the work we do. We are a charity of action and this can be seen in the countless success stories our work has created. The children we support grow up not only ready to succeed in their own lives, but ready as well to bring success to whole communities.



To contact SOS Children’s Villages, please email info@soschildren.org.hk