Hong Kong Friends of SOS Children's Villages


12:26 pm

With SOS Children’s Villages, there are three major ways for you to change lives. By giving monthly to our work, you will make a lasting commitment to support children who need your help. A one-off donation is another valuable way to support our work, and we are grateful for any help you can offer children in our care. However you choose to help, your donation will give children the love and support they need for a happy childhood and a prosperous future.

Every donation makes a big difference to our work and helps provide much-needed support to children worldwide. Give monthly to SOS Children’s Villages to make a lasting commitment to children who need your help across the world.


500 HK$ ~ 64 US$ or £52,
250 HK$ ~ 32 US$ or £26,
100 HK$ ~ 13 US$ or £10,


How your support will help

Giving monthly is a fantastic way to support our work. This way, you will help us match our commitment to each and every child we care for. Monthly donations enable us to fill any gaps in the support we offer to children the world over and make sure every child is cared for. They also allow us to deliver emergency relief, community work and local programmes.

A one-off donation is a good way to support our work for those who feel unable to make an ongoing commitment. We value any support you can offer us and your one-off donation could make a great difference to a child’s life.


How will we spend your money?

At least 80% of your donation will go towards the care of children, either in our Children’s Villages, our community programmes, or our emergency relief programmes – wherever the need is greatest at the current time. We will reserve up to 20% to cover our administrative costs here in the office.

SOS Children’s Villages in East Asia…

    • Helping 4,500 people in China
    • Educating 10,000 children in Vietnam
    • Supporting 130 families in Cambodia
    • Helping 230 young people gain independence in Laos
    • Providing 300 nursery places in Thailand