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East Asia: Where we work

Children growing up in East Asia face a diversity of problems. Some are common to the whole region, where trafficking has destroyed lives for decades and poverty plagues those living in rural parts. Others are unique to individual countries, such as unexploded bombs left over from the war in Laos and the natural disasters which have troubled Thailand in recent decades.

Here, we take a look at what we are doing to help families lead a better life across East Asia.



China’s success in recent decades has yet to extend to families in the countryside. Children growing up in rural parts face poor healthcare and inadequate schooling, but with our help young people can begin to succeed.

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Decades of civil war have left Cambodia with fractured infrastructure and a broken economy. High levels of domestic violence and poor schooling make this country a difficult place to grow up.

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Fifty years after the war, unexploded cluster bombs still pose a grave threat to children, causing death and injury and restricting migration. This has exacerbated the stagnation of Laos’s economy, resulting in a childhood blighted by poor education, hunger and an empty future.

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Rural deprivation in Indonesia is causing many families to relocate to the city. But prospects for migrants are little better here, causing families to disintegrate and children to resort to forced labour and prostitution.

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Children in Thailand have suffered terrible loss in recent years. The disastrous tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 destroyed homes and tore families apart, while in 2011, widespread flooding forced millions from their homes.

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Inequality is rife in Vietnam, where wealth is divided along regional as well as social lines. SOS Children’s Villages provides education and training to help break the cycle of poverty endured by generations of Vietnamese children.

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The Philippines

A country blighted by natural disasters, frequent military activity and one of the highest birth rates in Asia, the Philippines presents extremely difficult living conditions for children growing up in this island chain.

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Did you know?

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